Thursday, 29 July 2010

They're knocking my old school down!

I recently got informed that they were going to knock my secondary school down to build some swanky new flats as they are building a new school. Now I can’t pretend that I enjoyed my days at St. Barts school, although I did go onto sixth form and completed 7 whole years there.

The option was there to have one last tour of the school before it is demolished. My first thoughts were wondering if I could press the button to start the wrecking ball in motion. But over a few weeks I started wondering if I should go and visit the school one last time.

Would it be interesting walking the halls again, seeing the places I used to hang out? I’m sure now I’m older the school wouldn’t feel as big as it did back then, but do I actually have good memories from those days?

I never particularly enjoyed school unless it was one of the days we had P.E. and I got to play football or do athletics. I hated rugby and cricket terms. It wasn’t that I was super shit at school, not a trouble maker, I was just totally bored by it if I am honest.

As I got older I got in trouble for long hair and scruffy Dr. Marten’s. But I was forced for five years to attend this place and kinda felt like I was expected to attend the sixth form, so did, but didn’t really apply myself to it at all.

My favourite memories of school really involve the parties we had in the sixth form and having my mates back to my house at lunchtime. I lived a two minute walk from the school, so we all used to pile back to mine and eat more toast than should actually be humanly possible!

My memories obviously have little resemblance to the actual school though so what should I do, make one last visit or not?

With the closing date looming, a decision needed to be made. The fee to visit was just £5….so what do I do?

Fuck it, I hated that place, good riddance to it being knocked down!

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