Monday, 16 August 2010

The Football Season commeth...

I thought I might scribble a little bit about football on here as well. I do realise loads of people will probably already have switched off from the rest of this by now, I understand that this is a massive possibility and I hope a few of you are still left reading.

Of course to get rid of a few more, I will take this opportunity to point out that I am West Ham United fan. Goodbye many more readers. Those of you still with me are either football fans, fellow Hammers or just wondering what crap I’m on about – anyways, thanks very much, I salute you!

I have spoken both in Lights Go Out and other zines about my love of West Ham and I could quite easily write about how hard it can be to be a fan of a club that never win anythying, hell not even that many games recently, but it’s been done time and time again. Instead, through the coming season I’ll try to relive the season step by step for you. It might work, it probably won’t – but tough shit, I’m gonna give it a go anyways!

Written: 9th August 2010

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